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Meet The New Mulberry Road

For over fifteen years, Mulberry Road has been a trusted and beloved shop for childrens clothing and accessories.  Through its many seasons, this charming boutique has grown and changed with the local community.  In June of 2016, ownership was fondly turned over to two local mothers and entrepreneurs.  

With five little girls between them, Lauren Moore and Martha Mathews saw a great need in the Back Bay for accessible and practical childrens' wear.  Opening Mulberry Road was a natural fit for these two moms who love unique style and beautiful design, but who appreciate real function.

Martha, a full time real estate agent, full time Mom, and now full time shop owner, has learned the delicate art form of balancing a career and wonderful family.   A lover of Nantucket, all things navy blue, and hosting weekend BBQ’s, Martha truly believes that more is merrier. You can find her all over the city, building her empire while raising her three spirited and beautiful daughters with her husband.

Lauren, a former lawyer, full time Mom and now full time shop owner, has finally found the perfect intersection of so many things she is passionate about.   A lover of French braids, concerts at Fenway, and summer camp, Lauren brings her belief in the magic of childhood to all that she does at Mulberry Road.  Living in the Back Bay with her husband and two very loud but adorable daughters, she feels so connected to the customers Mulberry Road serves.   

We believe that bedtime stories are as important to children as morning coffee is to Moms.  We believe in playing outside, scraped knees, and finger painted hands.  We believe that bath towels make great capes, living room pillows make strong forts, and baby giggles make a happy home.

We can't wait to meet you.

Lauren Moore  &  Martha Toti Mathews