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Bling2O Cindy Clawford Swim Goggles-purple

Bling2O Cindy Clawford Swim Goggles-purple


Will you be The Cat’s Meow this summer? Sporting Bling2o’s exclusive cat shaped frame, Cindy Clawford comes coated in pastel colored cheetah print, silicone sliders spelling ‘MEOW’ and is finished with a full set of matching rhinestones.

Bling2o Cindy Clawford Goggles For ages 3 & up!

These goggles offer a variety of features proving they are the real deal

Material Type
  • 100% silicone
  • latex-free
Lens Type
  • uv protection
  • anti-fog
  • hard protective case
  • back clip for easy adjusting and application

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